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Personal security? What is it?

We mainly think of personal security from a self defence perspective when the reality is that there is so much more to it than defending yourself from an attacker.

Indeed there are many aspects to personal security that really get no attention at all, let’s stop and consider a few of those things that frequently get overlooked.

For instance how and where you position or carry your personal items such as mobile phone, purse / hand bag, wallet and other easily transportable items. In the photo’s below we see somebody walking down the street presenting several opportunities to the bad guys out there.

To list but a few, you’ll notice that the back pack has a vertical zip in the center, not secured!

Just sitting loose in the right hand mesh pocket is the mobile phone with a cable running to ear phones. Easily removed by a sprinting opportunist, what’s more the victim would have no idea until the last moment due to lack of peripheral vision due to wearing the hoodie and of course having no audible warning of the assailants approach due to the sweet tunes playing on her phone.

All simple stuff to rectify really, secure the phone somewhere on the front of yourself, secure the pack through the loop on the zip with a small lock of some description, pop the hoodie down, turn the music down to allow some of the outside in and from time to time turn around and look behind you.

So without going into great detail we can see how easy it is to unwittingly leave ourselves vulnerable to to an opportunistic attack.

In the next few installments we’ll look at all sorts of areas that need attention such as our vehicles, around the home (that’s a big one), traveling and of course internet security.

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A bad situation with an easy solution!

An unlucky guy for sure, but a very simple choke release would have resolved the situation in the initial stages.
Even if he didn’t react at the onset he could easily have been kicking when the second guy approached and then continued with the release, some of our regular students may recognize the same scenario minus the steps as a P3 multiple attacker scenario drill.

This is why we train Krav Maga!

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Intro to the Blog!

Hey Guys,

looks like we’ll be having a Blog happening!
We’ll be looking at all sorts of subjects from Personal security, Self defence issues, videos for discussion regards what you may or may not have done, etc.

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10th of September Introductory Package

Date: Sunday the 10th of September 2017, start time 12pm (approx 3.5 hours duration) Please be a little early as there is a form to fill in if you haven’t registered online and we commence the warm up at 12pm sharp.

Location: The Canberra College Gymnasium; on Launceston St, Woden (map) . After the intro your first 2 classes are also included, a total of 6.5 hours training for $55.

Cost: $55 pp register and pay online or register by contacting us and pay cash on the day.

Details: Introduction session for anyone interested in starting training in Krav Maga. The introduction session runs for approximately 3.5 hours and covers all the basics required to start training in the regular Krav Maga classes. After which your first 2 lessons are also included, so a total of 6.5 hours training for $55!.

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing such as t-shirt sloppy joe or fleece etc, track pants and runners. A bottle of water and something to snack on (eg muesli bar ) to keep the energy up for the full 3.5 hours. If you have a mouth guard it is worthwhile bringing it along, but it is not required, and a basic mouth guard can be purchased on the day for $ 11, also a groin guard would be worthwhile but not essential, or can be purchased on the day for $35.

Please register online now or contact us.

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