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Elizabeth Blossom
· June 18, 2018
Just started KM and I’m loving it. The instructors make it very accessible and fun while keeping it focused and serious. The other participants are also great to interact with. Very welcoming and safe environment especially for ladies ✌????

Danija Miladinovic
· September 6, 2017
In 2014, I attended a women’s self-defence course with Krav Maga Canberra – with the aim of learning some basic techniques for an impending trip around Europe with two other young females. I thought the course was great, teaching awareness, basic striking and had an obvious focus on a number of grabs and holds a female may be faced with and how to use techniques to defend against an attacker that is noticeably larger and stronger.

I then decided to enrol in the Introduction to Krav Maga course (a prerequisite of attending regular classes) – since then have been a regular student. The training conducted by Krav Maga Canberra (and most KMG run schools) is professional, conducted in a safe environment and with high quality instructors (who also happen to be great people).

This is a bit of a long winded review – but I’d like to highlight some of the benefits I have experienced training in Krav Maga, outside of the obvious self-defence, fitness and strengthening ones. The drills conducted in the workshops, courses and regular training sessions aim to put your technique at test under a higher pressure/stress environment. Being a person that is prone to anxiety and is easily overwhelmed, Krav Maga has helped me work through my emotional responses and work through the situation at hand – which has translated into my professional and personal life. I am no longer as timid as I once was, I have a new-found level of self-awareness and am generally more confident in my everyday life. I am happily continuing my training.

I started training with Krav Maga Canberra in 2011 after searching for an exercise program that would help me maintain a reasonable level of fitness and keep a few brain cells from becoming bored. I didn’t need much gear to start, the must haves were a mouth-guard and, unless you like pain, a groin guard. The instructors have always provided assistance and encouragement to improve my fitness and proficiency. There is no pressure to work beyond my capability which makes it easy to remain motivated and after six years, training is still simply great fun. At 67 I have always been one of the ‘old guys’ so age is definitely no barrier. Occasionally though I do wish someone would invent a ‘morning after’ rejuvenation pill. If you are looking for that new challenge and want to get fit and learn some really useful skills, I can recommend Krav Maga Canberra as an excellent place to start. Dave, his team of instructors and the trainees will make you welcome.

Great self defence system. I’ve learnt a lot about situational awareness and learning to act quickly and effectively while under stress. This was also a perfect complement to my fitness and martial arts training with a very strong focus on realistic and practical applications of technique. Thank you to Dave and all the instructors!

Phillippa Gardiner My child went from “I don’t want to” and “Do I have to?” To “That was fantastic and I can’t wait for next Wednesday”. Learning self defense and building self confidence in a fun and safe environment ???? Thankyou Krav Junior