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Training in the new year!

Here we are almost at the start of a new training year, fit and ready to go!

Mmm, but are we?

That’s the question, the answer is that many of us simply won’t have kept up with some kind of maintenance plan or programme.
If you have then you’ll hit the ground running, if not then you’d best pace yourself initially as otherwise you’re going to find yourself injured very quickly.

Physio’s love the start of a new year and greedily await the influx of new and broken clients who just thought they’d be right and could just kick off where they left off 6 weeks ago.
It’s absolutely essential to remember that your body hasn’t been getting its regular dose of exercise and as a result things that seemed easy and of little or no consequnce to your body may now be well and truly out of the question without some kind of re-conditioning phase in your training regime.

It’s for that very reason we at Krav Maga Canberra like to start our classes off for the year with a slightly lower intensity in the physical side of things and just build back to where you should be over a period of about 4 weeks.

If you’re mindfull of your body through this period then there should be no down time due to injury.

So keep it safe and maintain your body over tthe next couple of weeks and we look forward to another great year of fun and exciting training.

Christmas / New year approaches!

With the season to be merry rapidly approaching we should be thinking about a whole range of things from a personal security perspective.

Travel plans :- leaving the house locked, some lights on a timer or even a radio on a timer would be a great idea to give the impression of somebody being home.
Turn the volume down on any landline phones if you still possess one of these as the phone ringing out repeatedly is a dead give away that you’re not home.
Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect your mail and do not leave your garbage bins out while you’re away.

If you’re headed out over the festive season then be aware that this time of the year especially New Years Eve brings a spike in violence. Add very hot weather to the mix if you’re in the southern hemisphere and you have a potentially very volatile situation.
So be alert and switch on you’re situational awareness! There are people out there who won’t be as happy or fortunate as yourself and may well choose to spread their unhappiness through violent or malicious attacks.

It’s also a very hard time for some people as far as mental health issues go so be aware and if you see someone who may need a friend to talk to etc, just ask are you okay?

Read our previous blogs on personal security while traveling for some ideas on how to be safe on your holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We’ve been selected as one of the top 60 Krav Maga Blogs in the World!

Krav Junior, what’s it all about?

Krav Junior, gives kids self confidence, teaches them discipline and skills to deal with bullying and inappropriate adult behavior to mention but a few aspects and develops them as responsible, respectful human beings.

We use a structured syllabus combined with attention and discipline drills to build them into a well rounded little warrior capable of distinguishing right from wrong both in their own behavior and that of others.

The training isn’t just physical, it’s a combination of cognitive recognition as well as physical aspects. We use games with the younger ones to build skills in a fun way and before they know it they have a whole host of skills that they can use, with a focus on disengaging from the confrontation with a minimum of aggression where possible and when needed they will know how to turn it on.

With the older kids we tend to move away from the games aspect, although there is still some use to encourage a friendly, fun mindset and of course when needed they learn how to change their mindset into a survival mindset.

All of them learn how to strike and make releases from common grabs and holds. They also learn how to respond to problems such as being followed or approached by individuals who may not have their better interests at heart. They learn to identify what’s acceptable behavior from an adult and when it’s time to report to their parents or somebody else that they feel somethings not right. They will learn to head to a safe place and report from there, how to give commands to let people know somethings not right with what’s happening.

All in all Krav Junior will give them Life Skills to keep them safe!

Personal Security / Online Dating

Online Dating may be the norm these days but it certainly comes with some risks.

Much the same as all social media, these sites have their fair share of predators and perhaps theses sites in particular carry some added risks as these predators aren’t just out to take your identity but possibly your finances, possessions, dignity and at the extreme your life. (A good reason to train Krav Maga)

The same process should be carried out when entering ones details as with other social media, limit all personal information to a minimum.

Falsify if only slightly certain aspects of your data to prevent identity theft and don’t give out email or phone numbers as contact details until you have had a good deal of chat if at all. It would probably be better to arrange to meet in a neutral location such as a cafe etc first, to judge whether that person is trustworthy or not.

If that’s not acceptable to them, then most probably their intentions are not honorable.

Most of all Do Not go straight to their house or allow them to know where you live or have them come to your house.

Be vague in details about where you work, where you hang out and your general where abouts no matter how nice they seem. Until you’re sure of them.

Remember predators are well practiced at making people think they are nice.

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra.

Personal Security / Social Media

Where to begin? It’s a big subject!
Not really.
A hand full of simple rules and guidelines could save you a lot of angst.

Lets have a look at Facebook for instance, we all like our friends and family to know what we’re up to.
But do we really want everyone on social media to know what we’re up to?
Potentially leaving ourselves open to stalking, we give away valuable hints to predators and or thieves about times, locations and future destinations, without even a second thought to the possible consequences. You’re identifying that you’re not home, potentially giving the green light to someone waiting to break into your home or letting the stalker know where to find you next. What if you’re at the coast somewhere and you take a photo of yourself with your car in the back ground and someone wants to get to you? You’ve just identified make model and possibly registration number. Maybe you have a landmark behind you, all small but useful details to the wrong person.

A few simple things to do would be to go to your settings on Facebook
and limit who can see your posts to friends only, limit who can send friend requests to friends of your friends only and if you don’t know someone who tries to friend you, don’t accept their request.

Limit who can see your stuff to friends only.

Very importantly limit who can see your friends list ( I’ve limited mine to Me Only ) as this prevents people targeting people through you therefore looking like they’re a friend of yours and perhaps you don’t even know them.

A clip from Facebook settings “Remember, your friends control who can see their friendships on their own Timelines. If people can see your friendship on another timeline, they’ll be able to see it in News Feed, search and other places on Facebook. If you set this to Only me, only you will be able to see your full friends list on your timeline. Other people will see only mutual friends.”

There’s also:- who can contact me and who can look me up in privacy that you can restrict and it would be well worth the effort of doing so.

I don’t use Instagram, snap chat or twitter but I’m sure they all have some degree of privacy setting and again it would be well worth while checking them out.

When setting up your page etc, don’t use correct birth dates, don’t give your home address, work details, phone numbers etc. Really limit the personal information easily available to the those out there there that are up to no good. All of that stuff can be used for identity theft.
You can easily pass that stuff onto the people in your life who count via other means.

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra

Personal Security / In And Around The Car

In the car, It’s pretty simple really.
The car is in it’s self a secure location for you if some one’s chasing you or trying to do something to you. Get in, lock the door and keep the windows up, move the vehicle to a safer place and call for help. If need be use the car as a ramming device.

Road rage incidents:- Stay in the car! Keep the windows up and doors locked, car windows are suprisingly tough and will withstand reasonably hard impact from fists etc. Move the vehicle away from the attacker if possible and call the police for help. If you can’t move the vehicle then call for assistance immediately and get a photo of the attacker/attackers.
It’s worth noting at this point that in Australia it is illegal to resort to violence in the protection of property, so don’t worry about damage to the car! If the attacker manages to get in then you can legally defend yourself within the bounds of the law. Don’t start off as the victim and end up being the criminal.
Krav Maga Canberra offers training in and around cars, busses trains and planes.

Property:- As far as securing personal items goes again it’s just common sense:- don’t leave valuable items exposed where they may tempt a would be thief, perhaps if leaving valuables in the car and you have a boot then lock them in there or hide them under clothes behind the seats etc. Having tinted windows can even be a way to make it harder for potential thieves, they’re after an easy target with a clearly defined valuable object in view. chances are if they can’t see in they won’t bother.

When stopped:- Don’t leave the windows open or doors unlocked when you stop at the lights, not such a huge problem in Australia but in other countries this could end up being a fatal mistake. In a lot of places it’s very common to lock the doors when you get in and only unlock them when you arrive at your destination, for a single female occupant of a car this would be sound advice in any country.

True story:- I taught a couple of young women who were traveling to South America to work with an aid agency and one of them told me about a girlfriend who’d been dragged out of an open taxi window in Buenos Aires Argentina, she was robbed then let go fortunately for her.
She spoke Spanish well enough to understand that the assailants were discussing whether to kidnap her but didn’t have anywhere to take her, so they just robbed her instead, the taxi driver did nothing to assist the girl. You’re often on your own in such situations, a good reason to learn Krav Maga.

Parking:- When parking the car where ever possible reverse park so you can make a rapid escape when under pressure from an attacker or group of attackers.
Always park in an area where you can see clearly at night with good lighting and other people around, not up some dingy poorly lit alley way.
Arrive at the car with your keys out ready to go, don’t be caught off guard bent over foraging for your keys in a handbag, this would make you an exceptionally easy target.

Being threatened:- If you are being followed or chased make sure you use the environment to create barriers and obstacles between yourself and the attackers, think tactically and keep them at distance. If need be head to a safer place rather than trying to get into the car and manage a bunch of fine motor skills under pressure. Where possible in a safe manner get in and lock doors and windows move the vehicle to a safe location and call for assistance.

Apon arrival:- Most of all when you arrive at your destination be observant of your surroundings and aware of potential hiding places for dodgy characters and avoid being secluded from the view of the general public by choosing wisely where to park. Where possible reverse park in case you need to make a quick exit.

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra

Training and age! = Constant Body maintenance!

Old Guys Rock!

Age is no barrier, check out the guys at the back of the room on the video!

Well, where do we begin, I’m too old for that? Or don’t be silly, you’re too old for that!


I often hear these comments bandied around when it comes to people thinking about training in Krav Maga or for that matter any kind of physical activity at a later stage in their lives.

The truth is you’re only as old as you choose to think you are!
Your body may tell you otherwise, but essentially it’s a choice whether you let the niggling aches and pains take over or not!

I myself at the time of writing this article am 51, and yes I’ve had an active lifestyle since I was young which helps enormously. But having said that I do suffer from many an ache and pain and in fact I’m carrying a chronic (long term) groin injury which if I was to believe the armchair experts, should have put me into retirement some 2 yrs ago.

Fortunately I was directed to a very good Physio who literally saved both my careers. At this stage I should state that I have a concreting business and I have a Krav Maga business and between the pair I can live comfortably.

I have had to make some changes to my lifestyle and work options, notably I have to be a lot more selective about what I do when it comes to concreting and indeed have to turn many a job away due to the physical nature of certain aspects of those jobs. I still do my own physio work at home on my own, I have no choice or my injury will simply reoccur, not that it’s ever left it’s just that I manage it or it becomes unbearable.

So, I adapt and most importantly don’t give up!
Perhaps the lifestyle changes are the most difficult to deal with as being limited in one’s leisure options is really quite mentally challenging at times.

So what’s to be done about it?
Well you could just sit back and give in to the people who’d have you bound up in cotton wool for the rest of your life, (I can’t think of a more miserable existence) or you could take the positive approach and get on with it!

What do I mean by get on with it?
Well to put it bluntly, you need to accept that some things just won’t be the same any more and focus on what you can do and what needs to be done to make it possible to continue doing those things. I’m not saying give up on the things you used to be able to do, just don’t focus on the (used to be able to) part.

I have in my class a couple of older guys (mid sixties), hope I don’t get into trouble for giving that away! But back to the point, they both started training krav late in life by comparison to the majority of my students. Neither of these guys is injury or pain free in day to day life let alone when they come to Krav training. But they both love it and have a great deal of fun every time they train regardless of the niggling aches and pains.

So what keeps them going?
Well, it’s simple really. Apart from determination to have fun and keep active, they both work on body maintenance as do I and most instructors involved with Krav Maga Global.
The bottom line is that you must spend some time if not everyday, then at least 3 times a week working on your body.

No I’m not talking about serious weight training, yes with a carefully managed program it can be very good for your body, but most of you won’t have the desire to, or the need to train that way and perhaps other aspects of your life / lifestyle will prevent you from affording the time to get serious results with weights.

What I am talking about is is a hand full of basic body weight exercises, may be some band work (resistance bands) and a bit of stretching on a regular basis. You don’t need hundreds of reps and sets but just enough to keep the joints oiled and the muscles challenged. You can achieve that sort of result in a very short period of time, say 20 minutes out of your day and you don’t need a bunch of fancy expensive equipment just a bit of imagination.

Mobility is the key to longevity!

Maintain your body!

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra.

Personal security? What is it?

We mainly think of personal security from a self defence perspective when the reality is that there is so much more to it than defending yourself from an attacker.

Indeed there are many aspects to personal security that really get no attention at all, let’s stop and consider a few of those things that frequently get overlooked.

For instance how and where you position or carry your personal items such as mobile phone, purse / hand bag, wallet and other easily transportable items. In the photo’s below we see somebody walking down the street presenting several opportunities to the bad guys out there.

To list but a few, you’ll notice that the back pack has a vertical zip in the center, not secured!

Just sitting loose in the right hand mesh pocket is the mobile phone with a cable running to ear phones. Easily removed by a sprinting opportunist, what’s more the victim would have no idea until the last moment due to lack of peripheral vision due to wearing the hoodie and of course having no audible warning of the assailants approach due to the sweet tunes playing on her phone.

All simple stuff to rectify really, secure the phone somewhere on the front of yourself, secure the pack through the loop on the zip with a small lock of some description, pop the hoodie down, turn the music down to allow some of the outside in and from time to time turn around and look behind you.

So without going into great detail we can see how easy it is to unwittingly leave ourselves vulnerable to to an opportunistic attack.

In the next few installments we’ll look at all sorts of areas that need attention such as our vehicles, around the home (that’s a big one), traveling and of course internet security.

A bad situation with an easy solution!

An unlucky guy for sure, but a very simple choke release would have resolved the situation in the initial stages.
Even if he didn’t react at the onset he could easily have been kicking when the second guy approached and then continued with the release, some of our regular students may recognize the same scenario minus the steps as a P3 multiple attacker scenario drill.

This is why we train Krav Maga!