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New Year, it’s almost here!

Posted December 28, 2018 3:31 am

Another Christmas has passed and another New Year is almost upon us.

Whilst for most of us this is a time of family gathering and joy, we should be aware of those who are less fortunate for whatever the reason.

For some this can be a particularly difficult time of the year and if we can offer a helping hand or a kind word or an ear to listen with, it can mean a lot to those less fortunate than ourselves.

We should also be aware of the risks that the holiday season brings with it.

Lets have a look at a few problem areas and think about what we can do to minimize or even negate the risk.

  • A higher rate of Domestic Violence.
  • What can we do about it if it’s happening to us or someone we know?

    If you are a victim of domestic violence or fear that you may become one, the first thing to do is to try and disengage from the situation.

    That may be a lot harder than it sounds, many people find it very difficult to walk away from a partner or loved one when there’s an argument even when they know the next step will be violence and indeed many victims of domestic violence feel that in some way, they are to blame for what happens to themselves.

    Well it’s simply not true, if someone works themselves into a rage and violently takes it out on somebody else, the only blame lies with the aggressor.

    As early as possible you need to extricate yourself from their environment, generally speaking, the indicators will be there before the violence starts.

    Having said that every body’s situation is different and you need to be aware of what signals the aggressor may be sending, the sooner you pick them up the better.

    There are many support groups or hot lines out there but you must take the first step and reach out for help even if it’s only to a friend, the hardest part may be to admit to yourself that there is a problem and you need help to solve it.

    Lifeline Australia’s page – Lifeline Australia Domestic Violence Help page.

    Domestic Violence hotline numbers –
    White Ribbon Australia list of Domestic Violence Hotline numbers

    If you think somebody you know is a victim of domestic violence,

    You should be very careful when assessing or judging people, as the victims can be very defensive when questioned on the subject and if you’re wrong there’s all kinds of potential for fallout.

    However we all have a duty of care if we think somethings not right especially when children are at risk, so tread lightly but do something.

    That may be just offering a safe place to discuss the situation or some kind of refuge, or registering your concern with the police, keeping in mind the aggressor may turn on you too!

    Intervention at the time of a violent occurrence can be extremely tricky and your best intentions could land you in a lot of hot water.

    It’s very common that when somebody tries to intervene during a domestic violence situation that the victim will turn on the rescuer, after all you are either trying to restrain / control or for want of better words, in the victim’s eyes attack, their partner or family member.

    Regardless of the violence being metered out to that person you are, quite probably in their eyes, sticking your nose in where it’s not wanted. That brings with it some inherent risks of it’s own, so best to call the Police and let somebody better equipped for the situation deal with it unless you think that the victim is going to be badly hurt.
    Then you must act, but be aware that you may have two aggressive people to deal with and also be aware that their may be some legal consequences of your actions!

  • New Years Eve, the most violent night of the year!
  • Mmm, having worked as security at several night clubs for 6.5 yrs and having worked on New Years Eve 6 times, I’d have to say that whilst the majority of people are out for fun, there are those who either can’t handle their alcohol and or drugs and loose control or are just plain anti social and thrive on the opportunity to take advantage of people who are less capable than themselves.
    Add to the situation (in Australia at least) extreme hot weather and you have a potentially very volatile mix of factors that can contribute to a lot of violence!

    What’s the answer?

    Well, go out and and be situationally aware, keep control of your own consumption and if a situation starts to present itself de-escalate and disengage! and simply leave the area / venue if things start getting hostile, it’s not rocket science!

  • A high rate of Accidental Death on the roads.
  • So many people on the roads at once and so many in a hurry!

    Krav Maga is as much a self defence system as a mentality, you can adopt a defensive mentality to driving just as you can to walking down the street.

    That doesn’t mean be scared or afraid to venture out, it just means drive defensively, be situationally aware at all times. Be courteous when someone else is in the wrong but not at the expense of your own safety of course, just be aware that people will be tired and make bad choices this time of the year and when it comes to cars or motorbikes it can be deadly!

  • Road Rage!
  • Everybody is in a hurry, everybody is tired and cranky. What might you expect if you are less than courteous on the roads? Or perhaps just driving normally and someone thinks for some reason you’ve wronged them in some way, so they get aggressive.

    What to do?

    If you’re stuck in traffic and can’t safely escape, lock the doors, wind the windows and call 000 for assistance assuming the offender is out of his car and it warrants the call, otherwise if it’s just a bit of abuse smile, apologise whether it’s your fault or not and get on with your day, what’s the big deal?

  • Higher rates of Theft and Burglary.
  • Whether it’s break and enter to your home or vehicle or opportunistic theft of a hand bag etc, there’s a lot of it going on over the Christmas / New year period.


    Because the opportunities present themselves to the bad guys left, right and center at this time of year due mainly to complacency on the part of the owners! That’s a fact!

    What to do about it?

    Don’t be complacent!
    The, it won’t happen to me mentality, is quite simply a recipe for a bad outcome!

    Taking a few simple steps around the home before you go away like checking everything is locked up and secured, lights can be set on a timer to come on at night, landline telephones should be disabled, ask the trusted neighbour to check your mail from time to time and maybe take your bins out. Closing all the curtains can be as equally good as bad, as it hides anything of value but is a dead giveaway that nobody is home for some time, so it may be a good thing to leave the odd curtain open with nothing of value in sight.

    Regards the car, it’s much the same as the house lock it! And either don’t leave valuables in sight or just don’t leave them in the car full stop.

    Regards personal items, don’t put them down in a thoroughfare (walkway), don’t leave them unattended and where possible just don’t have valuable items on your person.

    Remember, personal security is a state of mind, a form of behavior that you can choose to adopt!

    Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor at Krav Maga Canberra

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