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Self Defence to Prevent Sexual Assault!

Posted June 22, 2018 3:24 am

Here we are again! A spate of very unpleasant events brings me back to the blog o sphere yet again.

It’s always very sad to hear of women losing their lives in very dismal circumstances, or for that matter surviving incidents and having to carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

There’s been several incidents in a matter of weeks ranging from 3 attempted abductions in Canberra, the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon in Melbourne followed by the rape of another women in the same suburb a week later, also the abduction in broad daylight and rape of an 11 yr old girl in Newcastle in the same period.

We could spend our time asking ourselves what’s the world coming too and shaking our heads in dismay or our fists in anger, but what will that achieve?

Of course we see the knee jerk reaction of the media, the politicians and the rights groups. At this stage I’ll apologize for having an opinion, because I’m almost certainly going to upset some people here.

The only people I see being rational about the whole situation is the Police, only too be derided by some as blaming the victim. That’s incorrect!

The notion of pointing out that we need to have situational awareness and take measures to lower the risk of those sorts of things happening to us, well it just seems to infringe on our rights as individuals, after all it’s 2018 and we should be able to do what we want when we want right. Blah, Blah, Blah!

The truth is this sort of stuff has been going on since the dark ages and jumping up and down about men needing to be better educated about how they should be treating women is simply not the answer.

For sure it is a part of the puzzle but it’s a very simplistic approach to a problem that simply will not go away with education of males.

Why?…. Because the males committing these crimes are generally not well balanced individuals and frequently have anti social tendencies at best and at worst suffer from all kinds of mental issues.

So education is completely wasted on those individuals, that’s not to say there’s no positives for society in educating males to be better people. Just it’s not the answer for those who don’t give a damn about anyone’s rights other than their own.

We have to ask ourselves whether we can do something to better to protect ourselves instead of blaming others in hindsight for their failings, be that the police for not being there at the right time (impossible to achieve), the judiciary for releasing a repeat offender (some issues there) or the criminal for doing what he or she did.

Yes the perpetrator is totally responsible for their own actions and should be punished appropriately (again some issues there). What’s appropriate?

Certainly not protection from the general population once incarcerated, perhaps no parole options etc.

But the bottom line is this, we all have the right to go where we want and do as we wish to a fair degree, but we really need to accept responsibility for ourselves and take measures to protect ourselves as individuals period!

Yes that means taking responsibility for our own decisions and actions!

  • At Krav Maga Canberra we continually push the mantra of situational awareness!!!!!!!!
  • And!

  • Don’t put your self in a dangerous or compromising situation in the first place!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, at this stage we’re going to hear people saying that we’re blaming the victim. Wrong!

We’re fully aware that many victims are targeted by perpetrators for all kinds of reasons (that’s for another blog). We know that people inadvertently go about their lives without the slightest notion that perhaps they’re being stalked or randomly targeted in the case of the opportunistic attacker.

We fully accept that people have the right to do want they want and go where they want within the bounds of the law, BUT we have to realize that that’s not to say we should take for granted that we’re safe in doing so.

We can’t rely on the law to do something about the situation as they’re already stretched in their duties and primarily act after the event to catch and incarcerate offenders, they don’t know who or when they will offend.

  • We are essentially on our own in this world!!!!!!
    • So what can we rely on?

  • Ourselves, obviously. As I said earlier we need to stop expecting others to make the world safe and we need to stop blaming them or others after the incident and take affirmative action ourselves to prevent this stuff from happening to us!
  • What does that entail?

  • Well:- We have to have a good hard look at ourselves (most don’t like doing this) and think about things we do that may make us vulnerable or place us in a compromising position and start to change that behavior or habit.
  • We should all be doing some kind of self defence training, Krav Maga being the best their is to offer in that field.
  • We should be making a big effort to take in our environment and observe those around us at all times for peculiar behavior and pay close attention if we feel uncomfortable, gut feelings are usually pretty accurate when it’s just not right.
  • We should think as adults that if I’d tell my child not to walk home alone late at night, then that’s something we shouldn’t do either!
    If we’d tell them not to take a short cut through the park etc, then we shouldn’t either.
  • We should certainly plan our movements.
  • When you go out how are you getting home?
  • Where you park your car (in a well lit location).
  • How you park your car (reverse in for quick escape).
  • Am I walking and if so will it be in a well lit environment on the way home?
  • Are there obvious places we should avoid in our travels due to low light etc?
  • Are there places where somebody could jump out and essentially ambush you (rob, rape, beat or abduct you from)? If so avoid those routes.
  • How much have I had to drink and can I make rational decisions now?
  • Am I able to still defend myself as a result of drinking?
  • Should I just spend a couple of dollars and catch a cab instead?

These are just common sense things that can save us a lot of pain in the long run.
We’re often our own worst enemies in that we may believe it’ll never happen to us or I’ll be right, but that’s just burying your head in the sand.

We need to embrace the thought that we all have rights and that nobody has the right to touch our bodies in an inappropriate manner, while accepting that there are those out there who don’t care about our rights and will act in anyway they want!

We need to give ourselves the best chance and be observant, be aggressive when needed and most of all use common sense and situational awareness.

Learn Self Defence with Krav Maga Canberra!

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra