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Protective Equipment

During an introduction and the first 2 consecutive lessons protective gear is not a mandatory requirement however a groin guard and mouth guard are strongly recommended.

After the introduction period all students are required to have a groin guard and mouth guard to continue with regular lessons.

No Gear No Train!

After the first month you are required to have the full set of basic protective gear, this also includes shin guards and gloves that meet the approval of Krav Maga Canberra.

All equipment can be purchased from krav Maga Canberra

Cost of equipment as follows:
All prices include GST

Mouth guard Not available suggest gel guard from Rebel sport

Groin guard:- Currently unavailable

Shin guards:- $77.00

Gloves:- $77.00

If you are participating in a fighting specific workshop you will be required to have head gear and the correctly weighted heavy boxing gloves relevant to your body weight. This is not a requirement for regular classes!
These items can also be purchased from Krav maga Canberra, prices on application.

Prices and brands may vary due to availability and are susceptible to change without notice.