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Personal Security / In And Around The Car

Posted September 5, 2017 9:40 pm

In the car, It’s pretty simple really.
The car is in it’s self a secure location for you if some one’s chasing you or trying to do something to you. Get in, lock the door and keep the windows up, move the vehicle to a safer place and call for help. If need be use the car as a ramming device.

Road rage incidents:- Stay in the car! Keep the windows up and doors locked, car windows are suprisingly tough and will withstand reasonably hard impact from fists etc. Move the vehicle away from the attacker if possible and call the police for help. If you can’t move the vehicle then call for assistance immediately and get a photo of the attacker/attackers.
It’s worth noting at this point that in Australia it is illegal to resort to violence in the protection of property, so don’t worry about damage to the car! If the attacker manages to get in then you can legally defend yourself within the bounds of the law. Don’t start off as the victim and end up being the criminal.
Krav Maga Canberra offers training in and around cars, busses trains and planes.

Property:- As far as securing personal items goes again it’s just common sense:- don’t leave valuable items exposed where they may tempt a would be thief, perhaps if leaving valuables in the car and you have a boot then lock them in there or hide them under clothes behind the seats etc. Having tinted windows can even be a way to make it harder for potential thieves, they’re after an easy target with a clearly defined valuable object in view. chances are if they can’t see in they won’t bother.

When stopped:- Don’t leave the windows open or doors unlocked when you stop at the lights, not such a huge problem in Australia but in other countries this could end up being a fatal mistake. In a lot of places it’s very common to lock the doors when you get in and only unlock them when you arrive at your destination, for a single female occupant of a car this would be sound advice in any country.

True story:- I taught a couple of young women who were traveling to South America to work with an aid agency and one of them told me about a girlfriend who’d been dragged out of an open taxi window in Buenos Aires Argentina, she was robbed then let go fortunately for her.
She spoke Spanish well enough to understand that the assailants were discussing whether to kidnap her but didn’t have anywhere to take her, so they just robbed her instead, the taxi driver did nothing to assist the girl. You’re often on your own in such situations, a good reason to learn Krav Maga.

Parking:- When parking the car where ever possible reverse park so you can make a rapid escape when under pressure from an attacker or group of attackers.
Always park in an area where you can see clearly at night with good lighting and other people around, not up some dingy poorly lit alley way.
Arrive at the car with your keys out ready to go, don’t be caught off guard bent over foraging for your keys in a handbag, this would make you an exceptionally easy target.

Being threatened:- If you are being followed or chased make sure you use the environment to create barriers and obstacles between yourself and the attackers, think tactically and keep them at distance. If need be head to a safer place rather than trying to get into the car and manage a bunch of fine motor skills under pressure. Where possible in a safe manner get in and lock doors and windows move the vehicle to a safe location and call for assistance.

Apon arrival:- Most of all when you arrive at your destination be observant of your surroundings and aware of potential hiding places for dodgy characters and avoid being secluded from the view of the general public by choosing wisely where to park. Where possible reverse park in case you need to make a quick exit.

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra

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