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Personal Security / Online Dating

Posted September 26, 2017 4:29 am

Online Dating may be the norm these days but it certainly comes with some risks.

Much the same as all social media, these sites have their fair share of predators and perhaps theses sites in particular carry some added risks as these predators aren’t just out to take your identity but possibly your finances, possessions, dignity and at the extreme your life. (A good reason to train Krav Maga)

The same process should be carried out when entering ones details as with other social media, limit all personal information to a minimum.

Falsify if only slightly certain aspects of your data to prevent identity theft and don’t give out email or phone numbers as contact details until you have had a good deal of chat if at all. It would probably be better to arrange to meet in a neutral location such as a cafe etc first, to judge whether that person is trustworthy or not.

If that’s not acceptable to them, then most probably their intentions are not honorable.

Most of all Do Not go straight to their house or allow them to know where you live or have them come to your house.

Be vague in details about where you work, where you hang out and your general where abouts no matter how nice they seem. Until you’re sure of them.

Remember predators are well practiced at making people think they are nice.

Blog post by Dave Sargent, Senior Instructor Krav Maga Canberra.