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Christmas / New year approaches!

With the season to be merry rapidly approaching we should be thinking about a whole range of things from a personal security perspective.

Travel plans :- leaving the house locked, some lights on a timer or even a radio on a timer would be a great idea to give the impression of somebody being home.
Turn the volume down on any landline phones if you still possess one of these as the phone ringing out repeatedly is a dead give away that you’re not home.
Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect your mail and do not leave your garbage bins out while you’re away.

If you’re headed out over the festive season then be aware that this time of the year especially New Years Eve brings a spike in violence. Add very hot weather to the mix if you’re in the southern hemisphere and you have a potentially very volatile situation.
So be alert and switch on you’re situational awareness! There are people out there who won’t be as happy or fortunate as yourself and may well choose to spread their unhappiness through violent or malicious attacks.

It’s also a very hard time for some people as far as mental health issues go so be aware and if you see someone who may need a friend to talk to etc, just ask are you okay?

Read our previous blogs on personal security while traveling for some ideas on how to be safe on your holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!