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Krav Junior, what’s it all about?

Posted October 9, 2017 1:15 am

Krav Junior, gives kids self confidence, teaches them discipline and skills to deal with bullying and inappropriate adult behavior to mention but a few aspects and develops them as responsible, respectful human beings.

We use a structured syllabus combined with attention and discipline drills to build them into a well rounded little warrior capable of distinguishing right from wrong both in their own behavior and that of others.

The training isn’t just physical, it’s a combination of cognitive recognition as well as physical aspects. We use games with the younger ones to build skills in a fun way and before they know it they have a whole host of skills that they can use, with a focus on disengaging from the confrontation with a minimum of aggression where possible and when needed they will know how to turn it on.

With the older kids we tend to move away from the games aspect, although there is still some use to encourage a friendly, fun mindset and of course when needed they learn how to change their mindset into a survival mindset.

All of them learn how to strike and make releases from common grabs and holds. They also learn how to respond to problems such as being followed or approached by individuals who may not have their better interests at heart. They learn to identify what’s acceptable behavior from an adult and when it’s time to report to their parents or somebody else that they feel somethings not right. They will learn to head to a safe place and report from there, how to give commands to let people know somethings not right with what’s happening.

All in all Krav Junior will give them Life Skills to keep them safe!