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Training Details – Adults

Before commencing training in the regular classes you must have attended an introductory session or have at least 6 months prior training at a KMG certified Krav Maga school. See (events) for information on the next introductory session. JOIN NOW.

Monday night fighting skills class, 6:30pm to 8:00pm located at Woden Campus of The Canberra College on Launceston st, Woden opposite Eddison Park in the Gym which is on the far left of the building as you look at it from the road. See (map). Has a focus on striking & defensive tactics skills as well as various drills to enhance your ability to survive a violent confrontation. Also involving some conditioning drills & exercises carefully controlled to suit the physical ability of the students.

Wednesday night technical class, 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm located at Stromlo High School, Badimara St. Waramanga in the front Hall. See (map). With a focus on technical subjects such as releases from common chokes & holds, defending armed attackers eg. knife threats or attacks, baseball bat, bottle, stone or rocks etc. Also involving drills to enhance these skills.

Both Monday & Wednesday classes deal with multiple attacker situations & dealing with 3rd party problems eg. protecting loved ones or innocent by standers in the street from an attacker. All drills are carefully controlled to ensure safety in training whilst keeping it as realistic as possible.

Krav Junior Classes

Monday and Wednesday afternoons, 4.30pm to 5.15 pm, are currently located at Stromlo High School on Badimara St, Warramanga in the Front Hall on Mondays and the Gymnasium at the back of the school on Wednesdays.
Commencing 2018 both Monday and Wednesday classes will be held at the Canberra College Gymnasium on Launceston St Woden, 4.30pm – 5.30pm. JOIN NOW.

Payment Details

There are several different training options.

Type # of Sessions Cost Frequency
Casual 1 $20 Once
4 Weeks 4 $60 Once Weekly
4 Weeks 8 $110 Twice Weekly
Shift Worker 10 $140 Random
Krav Junior Trial 1 $20 Once
Krav Junior 10 $180 Once Weekly
Krav Junior 20 $250 Twice Weekly
Krav Junior – 2 kids 10 $340 Once Weekly
Krav Junior – 2 kids 20 $480 Twice Weekly


  • Junior class prices cover the duration of the term.
  • The Shift Worker payment option is primarily for Military, Law Enforcement or Security personnel only and is either a cash payment or EFT both in advance.

Adult classes:-

The single visit / casual option is cash only on the night.

The once a week or twice a week options are both direct debit only either from a nominated bank account or credit card.
There is no set up fee, we absorb that cost and payments can be put on hold for periods of time longer than 2 weeks, anything less we don’t stop payments.
Payments can be cancelled simply by emailing us and requesting a halt or cancellation of the payment plan.

Krav Junior:-
We offer a one off trial class after which you will need to choose a payment plan, the options are PayPal, cash or Direct Debit.
The fee for those who use a trial class will be the regular term fee minus the cost of the trial class.

Direct debit payments can be either fortnightly or 4 weekly for Krav Junior or as a one off lump sum payment. To cancel on regular payments for Krav Junior you will need to give 4 weeks notice as we will only except limited numbers into the classes.

Ongoing transaction fees for Direct Debit payments at time of transaction are $1.35 from bank accounts and depending on the credit card are $1.35 + Visa/Mastercard 2.5 %, or Amex/Diners 4.8%.

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